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Colds, coughs, and sore throats are common ailments which can be quite miserable.

Although expensive over-the-counter remedies often have little effect on the symptoms which accompany these conditions, many natural remedies can usually provide relief. Some of the necessary ingredients may be in your cabinet already.

To experience fewer colds, many people have found that adding both raw garlic and echinacea to their daily routine gives excellent results. [click to continue…]

stressed-womanStress can take a terrible toll on your personal health and well-being. This invasive pressure can be caused by a number of different factors including work, family commitments and finances.

These days there are many services available to help you deal with stress including occupational health. [click to continue…]

Easy Home Remedies for Dandruff and Head Lice

Nothing is more bothersome and embarrassing than having an itchy head, whether it is caused from a condition such as dandruff or from an infestation

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Simple Home Remedies for Muscle Sprain

Muscle strain, a pulled muscle, or a sprained ankle can all be painful enough to prevent normal activity for quite a while. Whether caused by

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What is Your Primary Dosha – Body Type?

In Aryuvedic medicine, treatments are based on an individual’s dosha. A dosha refers to the combined personality and body type of a person. For example,

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Hand and Foot Care with Natural Home Remedies

Because the hands and feet are almost always exposed to different temperatures and textures and are in constant use, they are subject to more abuse

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Handling Acidity and Heartburns with Natural Home Remedies

Sometimes the gastric glands in the stomach are over productive in secreting the hydrochloric acid which is necessary to break down the food that is

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Men’s Skin Care with Natural Home Remedies

In years past, the general perception of men and women has been that vanity is a woman’s prerogative and that men have neither the desire

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Sun Burn and Sun Care with Home Remedies

Protecting the skin from sun burn is extremely important because skin damage builds over time and results in wrinkles and a greater likelihood for developing

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Principles of Ayurveda Cooking

The science of ayurveda encompasses all aspects of life and cooking food is also one of them.  Of late, a lot has been written about

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Natural Home Remedies for Cancers and Tumors

Cancer has become so prevalent in modern society that just the mention of the word sends chills through most people. This serious health problems caused

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Kids Yoga – A Non-Competitive Exercise Activity for Children

Although most people consider yoga an activity suitable only for adults, it can actually be of great benefit to young kids and teenagers as well.

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Will Ayurveda Herbal Supplements Solve My Health Problems?

Ayurveda Herbal Supplements can be a great way to fine tune the body. These products are quite specific in purpose and are based on thousands

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