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Paint the World. Write for Us!

Do you love to write on ayurveda, yoga, and other natural and alternative health issues? Come write for us!

How will you benefit

  • Your article will contain a brief bio/summary about you and your business, along with a personal photograph and a link back to your website/blog.
  • You will get free exposure, publicity and traffic for yourself, your company, and your products/services through the articles, and through our marketing initiatives.
  • Natural health care practitioners can showcase their expertise and knowledge in their fields by contributing relevant high-value content to expand their network of clients, referrals and audience.
  • Top two contributors with the best articles and proof of promotional efforts will be featured on our homepage every month.

Article requirements

  • We will accept only high-quality original articles written in error-free easy-to-understand English language. No exceptions.
  • The articles should not be copied or reproduced from your own website/blog, or from elsewhere on the web.
  • The articles should be minimum 500 words.
  • Your bio/summary should not exceed 50 words. If you are sending your photograph, it should be 85×85 pixels in a JPEG or PNG file.
  • You will send us the proof of your real identity along with links of your social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.)  or your online portfolio. If you are ghost writing for someone else, we will still need to know your real identity.
  • You will be fully responsible for your content and supporting media types. will in no way take the responsibility for the originality or accuracy of your content.
  • In case of any irregularities, we reserve the right to remove the article from our website or remove your author bio and links from the article.
  • Though this is not mandatory, please send a few links of your published work. It will improve your chances of being accepted.
  • Though this is not mandatory, we would expect you to promote your article on your social media profiles, through emails or other marketing channels. This will improve your chances of being published the next time as well.

Once your article is accepted and posted on our website, it will be the property of We can use the article in any form, and for any kind of marketing/publicity for ourselves or for our partner websites. You will have no right to post the article anywhere on the web or in any print or media format without our written permission.

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(Due to very high volume of emails we receive every day, we will not be able to respond to your email if it is incomplete. To increase your chances of a response, please provide all that has been requested above. Incomplete emails that do not contain proof of your real identity will be instantly deleted.)

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