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AYURVEDA literally means the science of life in Sanskrit wording and is one of the OLDEST systems of medical intervention in the world.

Ayurveda, which originally began in India, uses diet, herbal treatments, massage, and meditation to bring the mind and body into a harmonious relationship with the environment which surrounds them.

Ayurvedic practitioners feel that all disease is brought about by disruptions in the physical, spiritual, or emotional areas of life.

Doshas – The Body Types

The treatments prescribed in Ayurveda are individualized based on doshas or life forces, including fire, water, ether, air, and earth. Individuals usually have at least two of these forces which must be balanced for the immune system to function as it should.

The writings of Ayurveda state that these doshas, labelled vata, pitta, and kapha, may be influenced by unhealthy habits, pollution, stress, germs, or weather, resulting in a weakened immune system which cannot produce the desired response to invaders.

Balancing the life forces brings healing in many areas of the body.

Modern Day Ayurveda

Ayurveda has been used by many medical specialties including surgical interventions, for head and neck problems, in female gynecological treatment, in obstetrics and pediatrics, and in psychiatry.

Modern physicians and medical professionals have become increasingly interested in the techniques used in Ayurveda and often use some of them in combination with traditional treatments for some disorders.

The various herbal combinations and massage procedures used in Ayurveda have been known to improve stomach and intestinal disorders, increase sexual vitality, and reduce the effects of aging.

If this Ayurvedic form of whole body treatment sounds intriguing, please check our Ayurveda category to get a more in depth analysis of its basic principles and what it may offer to start you on the path to better health.

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