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5 Simple Lifestyle Recommendations for Increased Contentment

Five simple lifestyle recommendations from the experts have proven to increase contentment and decrease stress. Although they may require forming new habits or completely changing previous ways of doing things, the results of following five simple lifestyle recommendations are worth the effort expended.

#1: Get Organized

The first of these five simple lifestyle recommendations is to organize. The following ideas can help:

  • Get rid of clutter in both work and leisure areas.
  • Always keep often used items in the same location.
  • Use transparent containers for storage.

Organizing the objects in life saves time and frustration. It allows attention to be focused on the more important aspects of living, the relationships.

#2: Develop Healthy Relationships

Science has proven that relationships are more important to good health than previously thought, and establishing friendships is the second of the five simple lifestyle recommendations.

Bonding with other human beings gives the emotional support needed for stress relief. According to researchers, getting troubles out of the system through sharing them with someone else, really does affect us in a good way, both mentally and physically.

If family and friends are located at a distance, try these ideas to develop close ties with other people:

  • Join a hobby club or discussion group
  • Attend religious services
  • Take an extended education class
  • Sign up to play a sport

#3: Form Healthy Eating Habits

The third of the five simple lifestyle recommendations is to form healthy eating habits. This may involve deleting unnecessary elements from the diet, such as sugar and caffeine which have no benefit for the system, or adding healthy foods.

Fruits and vegetables should provide a large part of the diet, and a daily vitamin is a great idea also. Because water lubricates every system of the body, it is extremely important to stay sufficiently hydrated.

#4: Do Regular Exercises

Number four on the list of five simple recommendations is exercise.

The body needs two different types of exercise to perform proficiently. Aerobic exercise strengthens the heart and energizes the cells by raising the pulse rate. Strength training forces the bones to grow stronger and wards off osteoporosis.

Exercise of all types gives the body an avenue of stress relief. Exercise buddies can help with accountability, and those who exercise with a friend are more likely to stick to the routine.

#5: Make Sleep a Priority

Finally, scientists have found that sleep should be on the list of five simple recommendations for better living. Whether from cat naps or a prolonged period, the body needs rest. Make sleep a priority, and find a quiet time with no interruptions to indulge in it. The body and mind will reward sleep with good health and happiness.

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