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Home Remedies for Alzheimer’s Disease & Memory Problems

Doctors in modern society find themselves coping with an unprecedented number of patients with Alzheimer’s disease and memory problems. These conditions are difficult for the patient, but they are also extremely hard on those closest to them who often feel as if they are losing their loved one a tiny piece at a time.

Although new medicines are being developed and marketed for these conditions, most are still in the trial stages. Because the process of losing memory functioning is gradual, it may be possible to slow its progression through natural remedies. The following are a good starting point:

  • Begin taking ginkgo biloba daily to reduce inflammation which can damage brain cells.
  • Stop smoking, and balance cholesterol levels.
  • Control hypertension through diet and exercise.
  • Take three lecithin capsules every day.
  • Add a regimen of B vitamins and folic acid lowers levels of homocysteine, which may be the substance which damages neurons.
  • Consume Blue-green algae to inhibit cholinesterase and improve mental abilities.
  • Incorporate goji berries, acai berries, and mangosteen into the diet for their antioxidants.

Brain Exercises

Researchers have also found that the brain responds to exercise in a manner similar to the body. The less the thought pathways are used, the weaker they become. The loss of memory processing may be lessened through the following activities:

  1. Work crossword puzzles or find-a-word pages.
  2. Play card games with others or solitaire.
  3. Try to memorize something new each week, even if just a few lines or numbers.
  4. Put together jigsaw puzzles.
  5. Work Sudoku puzzles and mazes.

Brain Food for Alzheimer

It is also possible that changes in the diet may have a positive effect on memory. Doctors suggest limiting most fats in the diet to prevent clogged arteries. The following foods have qualities that could cause them to be labeled as “brain food”:

  • Salmon contains large amounts of omega 3 fatty acids. Studies show, however, that all fish meals may slow memory decline.
  • Green tea and blueberries are full of antioxidants.
  • One hundred percent cocoa powder mixed with soy milk or coffee enhances brain functioning.
  • Pure coffee has been shown to slow the progression of mental decline.

Alzheimer’s research is an ongoing process, so most of the amounts used in these remedies should be determined by personal trial and error. A combination that works for one individual may not be as successful when used by another.

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