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Kundalini Yoga for a Spiritual Connection

Kundalini yoga is a form of exercise and spiritual meditation which can take the practitioner to a higher plane of awareness. According to ancient thought, kundalini exists in every spiritual being and this powerful force, which can be released through contemplation, deep breathing, and yoga poses is capable of unlimited possibilities.

According to traditional teachings, Kundalini yoga can bring genuine love, joy and knowledge to those who devote themselves to it.

The components of Kundalini yoga focus on these three forms:

  1. Universal energy
  2. Body-mind complex
  3. Consciousness

Even though these three are separate manifestations, they serve in unison to balance the mind and body with the universal world in which they exist.

Kundalini Yoga – Asanas & Poses

The asanas or poses involved in the practice of Kundalini yoga are calculated to put pressure on the nerves of the body in a manner similar to acupuncture. The reservoir of energy called prana resides at the base of the spine, according to Kundalini purists. It can rise for the body’s use through the prescribed yoga poses like a snake coiled for action.

The Kundalini yoga positions may calm the thoughts or energize various organs of the body to act more efficiently. Some of the more well-known poses performed during Kundalini yoga are the Perfect Pose, the Lotus, the Rock Pose, and the Hero Pose.

The movements familiar to Kundalini yoga are always accompanied by a breath that strengthens the desired effects of the poses by releasing energy which moves from the lower half of the body to the upper. The patterns of movement in Kundalini yoga are often repetitive and sometimes require rapid breathing while at other times the breath is slowly released from the body.

Kundalini yoga also includes mantras chanted to induce a heightened awareness of the self and bring about enlightenment of the soul.

Spiritual Yoga

Kundalini yoga is both mentally and physically intense. It challenges the body and the mind to go beyond normal limits and has the most spiritual connection of any other type of yoga. Practitioners of Kundalini yoga are often seen wearing the traditional clothing of white turbans and loosely draped robes.

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