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Meditation – How to Achieve Health and Happiness through Dhyana

Meditation is not just for the strange anymore; modern research has shown that it can bring both mental and physical improvements to those who practice it habitually.

Benefits of Meditation

The benefits of meditation include the following:

  • Clearer thinking
  • Reduction in stress
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Less anxiety
  • Fewer stomach disorder and headaches

These are some of the major improvements that may be brought about by meditation, but many small rewards are also possible.

Meditate to Relax Your Mind and Body

Meditation involves a conscious decision to relax the mind and body. To enhance the ability of the mind and body to enter into a meditative state, most practitioners suggest the following:

  1. Choose a place to meditate which is quiet and private.
  2. Set aside some the same time each day for meditation and guard it from interruptions.
  3. Choose meaningful mantras or chants for meditation that allow for visual imaging.
  4. Play these words or repeat them softly with an open mind and spirit.

The meditative process requires discipline. One who practices meditation must learn to master his or her thoughts and center on a single idea. For this reason, written meditations can be found in books or online to help beginners develop this ability.

Three Stages of Meditation

Meditation involves three stages – concentration, meditation and contemplation.

The first is concentration. Concentration allows the mind to pick a single object or event and deliberately dwell on it. This sounds easy, but human thoughts fly at tremendous speeds and assault the mind from every direction. Repetition of words or phrases will keep distraction to a minimum and give the mind discipline to prevent diversion to other thoughts. lotus meditationThis allows the mind to enter a state of meditation with no thought other than the one of focus.

Through meditation one can reach the third stage of enlightenment, contemplation. Contemplation is complete unity of all thought and takes one into truth, understanding, and happiness, which have been the goals of all humanity since the beginning of time.

Total Meditation

When beginners master the three steps in meditation, they may wish to move forward into a type of meditation designated as total meditation. The purpose of total meditation is to stay in a higher plane of consciousness at all times.

Total meditation involves techniques that emphasize physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual control, and its aim is to maintain a constant state of serenity and good health.

editation: A Valuable Tool for Health and Happiness

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