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Naked Yoga – Is it Comforting or Embarrassing

Naked yoga, a new take on traditional yoga with its emphasis on stretching and meditation, is making a big impact on exercise classes in some of the larger cities.

Why Some Find it Interesting

Proponents of this interesting fad give a variety of thoughtful reasons for encouraging yoga in this form. Among them are the following:

  • Nude yoga releases inhibitions.
  • Clothing does not restrict or limit movement or poses.
  • Yoga is based on honoring the body and recognizing its needs.
  • Naked yoga has a beneficial impact on changing a negative body image.
  • The practice of yoga is more natural in the nude.

Some of these reasons do seem logical. Without clothing, yogis could concentrate on moving from one pose to another while synchronizing their breathing. There would be no breaks in meditation to relocate a bra strap or early shifting of a position to relieve shorts which had squeezed themselves into uncomfortable locations on the body.

If those involved in a yoga class are actually seeking inner spiritual enlightenment, they are unlikely to even notice those around them so the ability to perform naked yoga in a crowded studio could also be considered proof of mastery of the yoga discipline.

Reasons Why Nude Yoga is Unacceptable

Naked yoga, however, has not achieved acceptance by all yoga devotees.

Some find the notion of baring their body an action which would bring anything but the peace promised by this ancient form of exercise. They suggest that naked yoga would be uncomfortable and awkward for them. Some of their reasoning also seems practical and worth consideration.

These are some of the ideas they give for finding naked yoga repugnant:

  • Maintaining sanitary conditions on the floors and mats of the studio would be difficult.
  • Voyeurs, without any serious interest in yoga, might be drawn to naked yoga classes.
  • Support clothing is a must for many larger men and women to prevent discomfort.
  • Yoga poses would be embarrassing when viewed from behind.

Naked Yoga is Only for the Adventurous

Clearly, naked yoga is not for every practitioner. Classes are offered exclusively for men or women, but some studios also offer classes geared for couples or coed classes. Whether or not a naked yoga class would be enjoyable is based on several factors, including religious beliefs, social mores, and body image.

Personality also plays a part because individuals who are adventurous risk takers seem to thrive in environments like those that exist in a naked yoga class. The following pages will help you decide if a naked yoga class might be enlightening for you.

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