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Natural Home Remedies for Alcoholism, Smoking, and Drug Addiction

Any type of addiction, whether it is to alcohol, drugs, or tobacco, can alter the course of one’s life by causing trouble with relationships and financial difficulties. Over time, substance abuse also damages the body physically.

Addictions to any substance are serious enough to warrant counselling, but home remedies may make overcoming the addiction a bit easier. Some home remedies that work for the most common addictions are listed below:

CURING ALCOHOLISM with Natural Home Remedies

Here are few easy home remedies for alcoholism:

  • Consume large quantities of fresh fruits for the first thirty days of treatment, particularly dates, grapes, and apples to limit desires.
  • Increase daily exercise by at least thirty minutes.
  • Mix four ounces of water with an equal amount of celery juice each day for the first month.
  • Find a pleasurable distraction that will keep the attention off of alcohol for ten or fifteen minutes to allow the cravings to pass.
  • Arrange for a friend to be a rescue buddy who will come whenever you feel the urge to drink is too much to handle alone.


Check out some natural home remedies for treatment of drug addiction:

  • Increase foods containing vitamin B6 such as nuts, whole grains, and green vegetables.
  • Take a daily supplemental vitamin capsule.
  • Practice deep breathing when cravings are overpowering.

CURING SMOKING HABITS with Natural Remedies

Reduce your cravings for smoking with simple home remedies:

  • Mix an ounce of cream of tartar into a glass of juice and drink nightly to reduce tobacco cravings.
  • Keep a straw or toothpick in the hand to break the habit of lifting the cigarette to the mouth.
  • Chew gum, whole cloves, or jelly beans as an alternative to smoking.
  • Take three capsules of fish oil three times daily as you begin a smoking cessation program.

Overcoming any addiction is extremely hard, particularly during teenage years, and will take intervention, patience, and the support of others, but these remedies may make controlling the urges a bit easier. When used in conjunction with counseling, they will increase the odds of rehabilitation.

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This is an added help in recovering from alcohol addiction. Thank you

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