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Natural Home Remedies for Dental Care and Bad Breath

The medical community has recently discovered that dental health is even more important than first thought.

Research has shown that oral health can often have a negative effect on the heart or make the likelihood of stroke much greater.

While dental checkups are important, natural home remedies can help keep the mouth, teeth, and gums in good condition between visits. These natural home remedies for dental health and bad breath may be especially beneficial:

Natural Remedies for Dental Health & Toothache

Bacteria in the mouth can lead to tooth decay and pain.

Any home remedies which can slow the development of cavities and strengthen the tissue of the gums are worth trying. The following suggestions have been used as homeopathic treatments for oral health for decades:

  • Chew fresh spinach leaves several times a day.
  • Chew raw onions for three minutes to reduce germs in the mouth.
  • Increase intake of calcium and vitamin C.
  • Gargle with hydrogen peroxide mixed with water after each meal.
  • Eat one half of a lime, including the peel each day.

If these precautionary measures fail to prevent a toothache, other natural remedies may help with pain control.

Placing a clove of fresh garlic and a tiny amount of rock salt on an aching tooth often gives relief.

Drinking wheat grass juice also ameliorates the pain associated with toothache.

Home Remedies for Bad Breath

Even those who work hard at taking care of their teeth by brushing and flossing several times a day sometimes have difficulty controlling breath odor.

Brushing the tongue and using mouthwash may help, but natural home remedies can provide even fresher breath.

Try some of these wonderful ideas:

  • Chew dried coriander leaves to temporarily halt bad breath.
  • Gargle two or three times daily with a solution that includes warm water and a teaspoon each of ginger and lemon juice.
  • Chew fennel seeds after finishing every meal for instant breath freshening.
  • Keep the mouth well-hydrated with water at all times.
  • Gargle with baking soda and a bit of salt dissolved in warm water.
  • Make a tea using teaspoon of fenugreek seeds steeped in a quart of hot water; strain and drink twice a day.
  • Boil several sprigs of parsley with several whole cloves. Let cool and gargle with the strained liquid two times a day.
  • Eat avocado at least once a day to soothe the mouth and intestinal tract.

While these ideas will never replace the need for dental care, they can help keep the mouth in tip top shape.

By adding some of these healthy dental habits to regular brushing and flossing, individuals can be sure that they are doing all that is possible to maintain excellent oral health.

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  3. BABY and CHILD CARE with Natural Home Remedies September 12, 2012 at 4:52 am


Regular dental checkup is very important too. It might be appropriate for a patient to be seen every three months. But if your mouth is free of decay then coming back in a year or even two years’ time could be fine. Great tips anyway. Thanks for the home remedies!


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