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Natural Home Remedies for Eczema Treatment & Cure

Eczema, a chronic skin problem, which results in small blisters forming on various parts of the body, usually appears first on the palms of the hands, the fingers, the soles of the feet, and between the toes, but it can manifest anywhere on the epidermis.

Even the prescription creams and steroidal treatments offered by a doctor sometimes take months to clear up this aggravating, itchy disorder.

Because these products are so expensive, it is a good idea to try several home remedies before purchasing a prescription.

Common Sense Suggestions for Eczema Treatment and Control

The following are common sense suggestions for everyone who has ever suffered from eczema. Try to make these a part of your ordinary routine:

  • Make sure to get plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet.
  • Form a habit of light exercise, such as yoga, to relieve stress, and get enough rest.
  • Do not let the skin get excessively hot or cold.
  • Wear cotton gloves and socks, even when sleeping.
  • Begin the day with a glass of tomato juice with a touch of black pepper.

Natural Ayurvedic Potions for Eczema Cure

When an eczema outbreak occurs despite these measures, the following potions may give relief at only a fraction of the cost of a prescription cream:

  • Apply fresh neem oil to the eczema blisters.
  • Coconut oil is quite soothing.
  • Mix a tablespoon of sandalwood paste with a tablespoon of camphor oil and rub on the irritated area.
  • Soak a sterile pad in one tablespoon of primrose oil mixed with one tablespoon of flax seed oil. Apply to the eczema and let rest for ten minutes.
  • Boil Babul bark, and allow the steam from the concoction to penetrate the eczema, but be careful not to get a steam burn.
  • Apply Madhuca oil to the eczema rash.
  • An application of wild almond juice can give relief from the redness and itching.
  • Make a preparation of equal amounts of turmeric and sesame oil with sixteen times as much arka to rub on eczema blisters.
  • Combine karanja seeds with lemon juice and smooth into affected skin.

Besides these helpful interventions, ayurvedic physicians often suggest taking one teaspoonful of Panchanimbadi choorna after each meal.

Another internal treatment for eczema is to steep the peel of the banyan tree in hot water for ten minutes to drink periodically. It is also wise to use soap on skin prone to eczema as little as possible.

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