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Natural Home Remedies for Eye Care & Dark Circles

Most people do not even think about the health of their eyes until they begin to have problems.

These problems might present in the form of dry eyes, focusing issues, headaches, or dark circles forming beneath the eyes. The causes of eye trouble can be just as varied, ranging from strain or high blood pressure to sun damage or lack of sleep.

Whatever the cause, several home remedies or a few lifestyle changes can keep your eyes in a healthy condition as you age. Be aware of the following good habits important for eye health:

Common Sense Approach for Eye Health

  • Get enough sleep, or rest your eyes throughout the day for several minutes at a time.
  • Before bedtime and on rising each morning, splash the eyes with tepid water ten times.
  • Do not read in dim light nor harsh sunlight without sunglasses.
  • When the eyes tire, generate friction by rubbing the hands together vigorously. Place warmed hands on closed eyes very gently for a minute or two.
  • Add vitamin A to the diet by eating fruits and vegetables such a raw carrots.

Yoga for Eye Care & Dark Circles

Another trick to soothing tired eyes and keeping dark circles at bay is to soak cotton balls in rose water and apply to the eyes while resting for a few minutes. Afterwards, you might try this yoga exercise to give the eye muscles greater strength:

  1. Sit with your legs comfortably crossed and your head back and neck in alignment. Look straight ahead and breathe rhythmically.
  2. Begin focusing the eyes to the twelve o’clock position for two seconds, move to the six o’clock position for two more, then to the nine o’clock and three o’clock positions for two seconds each. Close the eyes, and do deep breathing. Repeat exercise five times.

Natural Remedies for Eye Care & Treatment

These ideas are also excellent remedies for tired eyes:

  • Boil milk and skim the layer of gel which forms as it cools. Apply to entire face before sleeping.
  • Mix turmeric powder and three drops of linseed oil into a paste. Apply this to the area beneath the eye for thirty minutes and then remove using green gram powder.
  • Add fish oil to the diet daily to strengthen eyes.
  • Grated cucumber may be mixed with lime juice; soak into cotton balls and place on eyes for five to ten minutes to lighten dark circles.

Finally, be aware that modern electronics, such as computers, can be very hard on the eyes. Be sure to take numerous breaks to give your eyes a rest throughout the day.

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