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Natural Home Remedies for Allergies

Although over-the-counter products for allergies abound, many cause unwanted side effects, and most are extremely expensive when taken as directed.

Fortunately, NATURE has provided some inexpensive solutions which may work just as well to relieve the sneezing, itching, stuffy nose, and headaches which are brought on by allergic reactions.

One of the easiest ways to control allergies naturally is to drink some of the following teas throughout the day:

CONTROL Allergies with Ayurvedic Teas

  • Mix one teaspoon of local raw honey, and a half teaspoon of lime juice into a cup of hot water.
  • Consume peppermint tea to loosen congestion in the nasal passages and prevent it from settling into the chest.
  • Brew chamomile tea to drink for its antihistamine properties and to boost the immune system.
  • Drink a cup or two of green tea each day to control the production of histamines by the body.
  • Make a tea by steeping one teaspoonful of dried thyme in boiling water. Limit your consumption of this tea to one cup a day to nasal congestion and coughs.

To double the power of these teas against allergies, you can mix local raw honey in as a sweetener. Honey helps your system develop a resistance to the allergens floating in the air around you.

Black tea also has some beneficial qualities, but they are weaker than those mentioned above.

Natural Herbs for Controlling Allergies

Several other herbs have shown some efficacy in the treatment of allergies. The following should be added to your diet as often as possible, usually in a raw, unheated state:

  1. Fresh garlic is a great way to build immunity against most allegens. It helps to control coughing with strong decongestant benefits.
  2. Ginger lowers the body’s production of histamines which is the true cause of the sniffing and sneezing.
  3. Take 400 mg of vitamin E for at least a month during the most severe allergy season.
  4. Upon arising each morning, put three or four drops of castor oil into a half cup of juice. Drink before breakfast.

If you have tried most of the ideas above and need further relief, one of the most valuable treatments for allergies may be the use of a Neti pot. These may require a few days of practice before you feel comfortable, but they do an excellent job of irrigating the sinuses of pollen and pollutants which exacerbate allergic reaction.

These natural home remedies should help prevent and relieve allergy attacks, but it is also a good idea to stay inside during days when pollen counts are higher, limit the use of fans bringing air from the outside, and keep car windows closed when traveling.

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Pradeep Dobhal October 20, 2010 at 10:49 am

If we take some leaves from the plant of Genda (Marigold) flower and eat that can cure the problem of Allergy.

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