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Natural Home Remedies for Asthma Treatment and Control

Asthma effects over three hundred million people, and it seems that the by-products of modern society, such as heat, chemicals, cleansers, dust, and mold, only make the situation worse.

Thankfully, many natural home remedies and herbs can help control an asthmatic condition and reduce the severity of attacks. These herbs are especially effective at loosening mucus in the lungs to make breathing much easier:

Natural Herbs for Asthma Control

  • Bishop’s weed mixed into buttermilk helps to clear the respiratory tract.
  • Cloves are an expectorant which may be added to hot drinks.
  • Ginger is also beneficial in breaking up phlegm and opening the bronchial tubes. Include a pinch in all drinks or in foods.
  • The fruits of black nightshade also work well to reduce catarrh in the bronchial tubes.

Besides the overproduction of mucous, another problem with which asthmatics must cope is bronchial spasms. Certain herbs also have a calming effect on this frightening symptom. Test some of the following to see if they make a difference in the length or severity of an asthma attack:

  1. Eating celery or celery seeds can help to control bronchial spasm.
  2. Bay berry bark can be antispasmodic and may be consumed in tea.
  3. The gum of asafetida can be mixed with honey and consumed daily for asthma control.
  4. Raw garlic should be habitually incorporated into the diet to enhance air flow.

To keep asthma under control more easily, it is important to avoid certain foods. Cold fruits, fried foods, raisins, and sour foods, such as curd and buttermilk, can have a negative impact on asthmatics. Avoid them whenever possible, and adhere to the natural ideas listed below:

  • Chew rock salt and holly basil when you feel an asthma attack beginning.
  • Keep the respiratory tract clear by drinking milk and eating roast gram before bedtime.
  • Try chewing black pepper every night to lessen the severity of attacks.
  • Mix a tablespoon of old honey with a teaspoon of turmeric powder and eat daily.
  • Steep six cloves in a cup of boiling water; sweeten with honey and drink several times a day.

Since asthma is a chronic disorder caused by a variety of factors and conditions, treating attacks using natural methods may require a trial and error approach. Work with your doctor to find a routine that works to make sure that your asthma limits your lifestyle as little as possible.

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