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Natural Home Remedies for Cancers and Tumors

Cancer has become so prevalent in modern society that just the mention of the word sends chills through most people. This serious health problems caused by rapidly multiplying cells can be a death sentence, but natural home remedies may help protect the body and slow the advancement of this ravaging disease.

The following suggestions are excellent for cancer patients to consider:

Natural Treatments for Cancer & Tumor Patients

  • Drink fresh vegetable juice throughout the day to provide enzymes necessary for healthy cell growth.
  • Participate in a daily exercise program to give the body plenty of oxygen and keep the immune system active.
  • Switch to organic forms of fruits and vegetables to eliminate toxins.
  • Increase vitamins, especially high levels of vitamin C, and nutritional substances to provide the body with the elements necessary for fighting cancer.
  • Switch from coffee and milk to herbal teas, particularly green tea.
  • Eliminate sugar and sugar substitutes from the diet, and switch from table salt to sea salt to purge the body of harmful chemicals.
  • Large amounts of ginger, onions, and garlic may help to shrink cancerous tumors.
  • Eating broccoli is good for those with cancer because it contains compounds which can fight breast cancer.
  • Carrot juice may be beneficial for slowing the growth of lung cancer.
  • Stay away from pesticides and household chemicals as much as possible; ventilate living spaces well.
  • Ginger capsules and teas may relieve the nausea caused by cancer treatments.
  • Mushrooms may have strong anti-cancer fighting properties and should be eaten daily.
  • Increase consumption of foods containing omega-3 fatty acids and decrease intake of foods containing omega-6 fatty acids to decrease chances of skin cancer.
  • Take two teaspoonfuls of olive oil each day to increase the body’s defense against cancer.
  • Love for life, positive attitude, yoga and meditation boost the healing process tremendously.

Cancer can be caused from many sources, including genetics and environmental factors. These home remedies may work well for some patients while others need medical supervision.

In fact, some home remedies do not mix well with other cancer treatments so any action taken to treat cancer at home should also be reported to one’s physician.

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Heynderickx March 18, 2012 at 8:39 am

Brocolli shoots have 10 times/more anti-oxidants ten brocolli IT zelf.
Mushrooms like shiitake, name Ko, ganoderma/red reishi, coreolis versicolor, and many seaweeds like kombu, wakame have anti-cancer properties.see also Dr. budwig’s oil investigation, ….their is a problem wit olive-oil!

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