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Sun Burn and Sun Care with Home Remedies

Protecting the skin from sun burn is extremely important because skin damage builds over time and results in wrinkles and a greater likelihood for developing skin cancers, such as melanoma.

This is the reason that sun cream should be used daily, for body and face protection.

Sometimes, however, through negligence in reapplying sun cream or some other unfortunate event, people find themselves suffering from sunburn after a day spent outdoors. At these times, natural home remedies can be used to keep the skin moist and lessen the pain involved.

Best Sunburn Home Remedies

Some of the best sunburn home remedies are as follows:

  • Break off a piece of an aloe vera plant and squeeze the juice onto the sun burn for almost instant pain relief.
  • Soak in a tub filled with cool water to which a box of baking soda or a cup of vinegar has been added.
  • Apply oil of lavender to the burned skin.
  • Make a paste of yogurt, barley, and turmeric to apply to the affected area.
  • Place cold tea bags along the burn to take away the sting.
  • Soothe the skin with cloths soaked in buttermilk.
  • An application of sour cream can sometimes bring relief.
  • Grind a cucumber or potato in the food processor and apply the paste to reddened skin.
  • Cool the burn with ice or a bag of frozen veggies wrapped in a towel.
  • Use the oil from broken capsules of vitamin E for good skin care after too much sun.

A more complicated recipe that pampers sunburned skin is effective for many sufferers. This natural sun care remedy is made by combining fresh egg whites with honey, milk, and olive oil. Barley or wheat flour should then be added to make the paste, which is applied directly to the damaged skin.

Good sun protection requires vigilant care to keep the skin from receiving too many ultra-violet rays. Still, the skin sometimes gets too much sun and immediate treatment is necessary. These home remedies will ease the heat and discomfort felt at such time and promote faster healing.

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