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Home Remedies for Toothache Pain

Good dental health involves daily activities. Brushing, flossing, an herbal rinse, and a healthy diet with very little sugar are vital to preventing problems.

It is also wise to refrain from smoking and to eat plenty of citrus fruit containing vitamin C. Also, be sure that your body is getting enough calcium and vitamin D to maintain healthy teeth.

No matter how much care you take with oral health, however, toothaches always seem to arrive without notice at the most inopportune moment, usually in the middle of the night or on a weekend, when finding medical relief is quite difficult.

Even when dental treatment is available, it can be so expensive that finding the necessary funds may stress the budget.

For this reason, you might want to try some simple natural remedies to see if they can effectively reduce the infection or pain.

Some of the simplest are below:

Simple Natural Remedies for Toothache Relief

  • Place an ice cube next close to the gum and let it slowly dissolve.
  • Place a tea bag on the affected tooth.
  • Put clove oil on the gum near the tooth or chew some whole cloves.
  • For stronger teeth and less bleeding, chew Babool bark.
  • Mix clove oil with pepper powder, and place on the cavity.

Home Remedies for Dental Health

When tooth pain is excruciating, it may be necessary to change the diet to get some relief.

First, eat the softest foods possible, such as oatmeal or rice. Do not consume yogurt, however, as this may make the situation worse.

Eat all foods at room temperature to prevent additional pain generated by the cold or heat. Then, try some of these home remedies:

  1. Boil asoka tree bark and swish the cooled liquid in the mouth.
  2. Rinse the mouth with hydrogen peroxide and spit it out twice daily.
  3. After cleaning the teeth thoroughly, dip a cotton ball into almond extract and place next to the injured area.
  4. Fresh garlic gloves may be placed on the tooth for a few minutes to reduce pain but must be removed quickly to prevent blistering the tissues.
  5. Rinse the mouth with salty water several times a day.
  6. A rinse made from boiling guava leaves may be held in the mouth for ten seconds to soothe tooth pain.

If pain persists or swelling occurs, it is time to seek medical intervention from your doctor or dentist. They can determine the root of the problem and direct you to the proper treatment.

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