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Natural Home Remedies for Kidney and Renal Stones

The pain from kidney stones or renal stones has been equated to that of childbirth in its intensity, and men develop kidney stones more than three times as often as women. These stones block the flow of urine from the body and lead to inflammation and infection in the urinary tract and kidney.

While most stones are small, they can cause major pain in the lower back, rib cage, and groin. The body may signal a kidney stone through bloody urine or vomiting. Painful urination, fever, and chills may also be present.

Although they are all labeled as stones, renal stones are not all formed in the same way. Calcium stones develop more frequently, but struvite stones may result from an infection.

When the body produces high amounts of acid, uric stones tend to develop, but cystine stones are genetic.

To prevent kidney stones from forming, you should drink as much water as possible, and eliminate coffee, tea, and soft drinks.

Some patients need to limit whole grains, legumes, carrots, nuts, sweet potatoes and other fibrous foods from the diet to prevent future problems.

Home Remedies for Kidney Stones

Several home remedies can make the formation of a kidney stone less likely. The success of these treatments will depend on the type of kidney stone you are treating:

  • Drink eight ounces of tomato juice with a pinch of salt and pepper to begin the day.
  • Boil radish leaves and drink the mixture twice a day.
  • Begin the day by drinking the liquid left after boiling several figs.
  • Soda water may be taken after each meal.

Some other treatments that may be valuable for kidney stones include warm wraps placed on the back and hot baths. Yoga can also be useful in stimulating the kidneys to keep them functioning properly. Try practicing Uttana Padasana and Pavana Mukta Asana under the tutelage of a yoga master.

Furthermore, these ideas may help those with a tendency to develop kidney stones:

  1. Eat grapes daily for their diuretic properties.
  2. Mix sugar with onion juice and take morning and night.
  3. Eat French green beans several times a week, and watermelon when in season.
  4. Make raw apples a staple in your daily diet.

All of solutions should reduce kidney stone development and keep the kidneys performing normally. Some will even help the body to expel small stones, but larger stones will still require medical intervention.

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shaam September 4, 2012 at 10:28 am

i have a kidney renal 3mm n 4 mm .i have prolem of diabetes i m 52years old i want to remove stones from kidney as soon as possile .plz give me the homemade solution

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