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Stress Tearing You Apart at the Seams? Pull Yourself Together with Professional Help

stressed-womanStress can take a terrible toll on your personal health and well-being. This invasive pressure can be caused by a number of different factors including work, family commitments and finances.

These days there are many services available to help you deal with stress including occupational health.

Why Beat Stress?

In small doses stress can be a good thing. This can help the body and mind gear up for specific challenges and motivate you to perform at your very best. However our bodies were never meant to live in a constantly stressed-out state. If you are constantly running in high stress mode then the toll will soon start to tell on your mind and body.

The price of constant stress on health and well-being can be high. Too many people these days feel like they have to take on more and more in their lives. This could be in terms of family commitments or more responsibilities at work. In the UK people are now working longer hours and travelling farther away for their jobs. This is creating a generation of highly stressed people that are under constant pressure for a large proportion of their day.

At first you may think you will be able to take on extra pressure in your life. In some cases this can be a challenge that you eagerly rise to. This can get the adrenaline pumping and provide you with a great way to burn off some energy. However when the stress keeps piling on your body will soon start to feel the negative effects. Working and travelling for longer hours soon starts to eat into your free time. This means you will have less and less time for yourself to relax and unwind. Many of us can end up living in a state of near-constant stress.

Signs of Stress

The physical signs of too much stress can include difficulties sleeping, feelings of dizziness and nausea and chronic headaches. Many people also find it difficult to eat properly when under stress and will either lose weight or put weight on.

Stress can have an effect on the mind as well as the body. People under a lot of stress can often overreact to situations. This can make you get very upset over small things or cause you to lose your temper more quickly. Stress can also affect your ability to make decisions and solve problems. This can mean that you make silly mistakes or make decisions that could be out of character for you.

Eventually many people under a lot of stress feel so unwell they have to see a doctor. Many don’t realise that it is the stress itself making them ill. If you are under stress and feel your health is suffering then make an appointment with a same day doctor online now.

Taking Positive Steps

Your doctor will be able to examine you and run some tests. This will help to rule out any other problems that could be affecting your health. If they do diagnose work-related stress then they may recommend that you take a few weeks off. This will help to remove you from the source of your stress and give your body a chance to recover.

Don’t forget though that as soon as you return to the high pressure work environment the stress could start affecting your health again. This is why it is important that you take positive steps to reduce this stress:

  • Talk to your employers as soon as possible if you are suffering from work-related stress.
  • There may be some simple changes that they could put in place to reduce this stress for you.
  • For example they may be able to reduce your work load or hours to give you a break.
  • If the job itself is the problem then they may even be able to offer you a different position in the organisation.
  • If nothing can be done to reduce the stress at work then you might want to consider a different career path. This can be an extreme move but you never know just what new and improved opportunities are out there until you start looking around.

Get Help for Stress

If you are suffering from stress overload then get help now. Doctors and occupational services can help you to understand stress and how to reduce its negative effects in your life. Working to reduce stress is an important way to improve your general health and well-being.

Author Carlo PandianAuthor: Carlo Pandian is a freelance writer and loves sharing health tips with TryAyurveda community of readers. He reviews health products/services from Blossoms Healthcare’s well-being check ups to the latest iPad fitness apps. When he’s not online, he likes studying about natural remedies and new gardening techniques.

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