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Yoga Poses: Stretching for Stress Relief and Strength

Yoga poses form the core of this ancient form of stretching and meditation. Beginning poses are easy enough for children, but many of the poses require great strength, agility, and practice. These poses are only for the most dedicated yoga practitioner.

As one moves from one level of difficulty to another, the student of yoga should be attuned to the reaction of his or her body. This will prevent injury and lead to greater enjoyment during yoga sessions.

Yoga Poses for Beginners

Some of the easiest poses for beginners include those that involve stretches from both a standing and seated position.

The Downward Dog is a resting pose which is easy for most beginners to master. This inverted pose makes the muscles stronger and often provides relief for back pain.

Another of the yoga poses good for beginners is the Extended Side Angle pose. This pose is great for learning balance and stretches the muscles and joints of the legs. Beginning students will soon learn to move gracefully through several yoga poses in a calm, fluid manner.

Intermediate Yoga Poses

Intermediate yoga poses require greater strength and flexibility.

The Awkward Chair pose necessitates bending the knees in a sitting position while reaching for the ceiling with both arms. This pose relies on strong thighs and exceptional balance.

The Eagle pose almost shifts the body into a pretzel, requiring a standing position in which the left leg is hooked over the right and the right arm is entwined with the left. Holding this pose for five to ten breaths is a delicate balancing act.

Advanced Yoga Poses

When yoga students are ready for advanced yoga poses, they have fine tuned their bodies into well-oiled machines, having developed strength, flexibility, and balance. After mastering the basic yoga poses including backbends, inversions, and basic balancing poses, these masters are ready to tackle complicated yoga poses such as The Bird of Paradise and The Little Thunderbolt pose. These yoga poses involve intricate weight shifts and a strong central core.

Advanced yoga poses usually have variations that can challenge even those who have years of experience.

Yoga poses can be an excellent way for those of all ages to relieve stress and exercise. Moving from one level of yoga poses to another requires dedication and practice, but it can also provide hours of fun and laughter.

A good teacher can be an excellent resource who will teach the yoga poses slowly enough to prevent injury until each one is mastered.

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