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Yoga for a Lifetime of Good Health

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YOGA, an ancient form of stretching, deep breathing, and meditation can result in valuable benefits to the body. These include a reduction in stress which may prevent headaches, ulcers, intestinal difficulties, and depressions, among other maladies.

Yoga also strengthens muscles and creates more flexibility of movement in the joints.

Practicing yoga from an early age can be advantageous to better health as one grows older, however one can start at any age for a healthy long life.

Yoga Styles

Several different types of yoga allow for individual preferences in the practice of it.

  • Hatha yoga emphasizes deep breathing and slow, controlled movements. Hatha is a great yoga for beginning students.
  • Vinyasa yoga concentrates on synchronizing the yoga poses with the breathing and is more advanced. It is more energetic and requires some extreme stretching.
  • Ashtanga yoga provides little rest between movements, and poses are performed in prescribed sequences.
  • Iyengar yoga is all about aligning the body and developing control of the movements.
  • Kundalini yoga is enjoyed by those who prefer rapid movement and chanting in unison with others.
  • Bikram yoga classes take place in a heated atmosphere to encourage the release of toxins from the body and sooth the muscles and joints.

All of the forms of yoga are calming, and the poses are easily mastered with practice and the help of a good instructor. Classes are easy to find and usually quite inexpensive.

The following yoga articles should help you decide if yoga is a type of exercise that would suit your personality and one which should be included in your plan for achieving a lifetime of fitness.

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