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GREEN TEA: 5 Amazing Benefits of Herbal Green Teas

In the past decade, the medical community has discovered that green tea contains a host of active ingredients which have a beneficial effect on the way the body works.

GREEN TEA comes in several different varieties which depend on the timing of the leaves being picked and the location from which they are harvested, as well as the manner in which the leaves are brewed for their flavor and medicinal benefits.

Some of the most popular green teas are gyokuro, sencha, kabusecha, fukamushica, and bancha. The best green tea is grown in the area surrounding the city of Yami in Japan.


Researchers have found that herbal green tea has five amazing benefits that would cause most consumers to want to buy green tea instead of their current varieties. Studies have shown that organic green tea, whether consumed as a drink, an herbal powder, or through taking green tea extract, can enhance well being in the following ways:

Builds Resistance

Because the best green tea contains vitamin C, polyphenols, and carotenoids, it helps the body to ward off invading infections. This gives the immune system a better chance of winning in the battle against germs.

Increases Metabolism

The speed with which a body burns off the calories consumed can mean the difference in how fast weight loss occurs. A diet becomes more effective if the metabolism can be charged up, and, in some cases, green tea has increased the metabolic activity of the body by over ten percent.

Decreases Heart Risks

Because some studies show that green tea reduces cholesterol and helps in the control of blood pressure, many doctors feel that it can play a part in good heart health. These results were true whether the study participants drank several glasses of green tea each day or took a green tea extract.

Green tea seemed to have particularly helpful attributes for people who already struggle with obesity.

Supports Cognitive Functioning

Studies have suggested that green tea may prevent brain cells from dying and could even help the body to repair brain cells which have already been damaged. This may be because of the polyphenol contained in the leaves.

Enhances Good Dental Health

Green tea has antimicrobial properties which make cavity development less likely.

Scientists are still investigating green tea’s remarkable benefits to the human body. Currently, studies are underway to test its effect on preventing breast cancer. Researchers have also seen some evidence that this delicious drink may be good for eye health and are testing to determine its effect on glaucoma.

Possibly, drinking organic green tea or taking a green tea extract or powder may be the easiest way to practice preventative health care.

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