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How to Start Living a Stress-Free Healthy Life

Low stress healthy living? Is it possible to achieve?

Because modern society seems to move at the speed of lightening, it seems that everyone is desirous of living a low-stress healthy life. In order to attain this goal, several key issues must be addressed.

These include the following:

  • Making healthy food choices
  • Keeping the body hydrated
  • Incorporating exercise into the day
  • Developing a social support system
  • Setting aside time for rest

When all of these elements have been become habitual, the mind and body can relax, and the immune system will begin to function at top efficiency.

Making Healthy Food Choices

First, living a stress free healthy life requires fuelling the body with the nutrients that it needs for energy and growth.

Incorporating fruits and vegetables into the daily diet is a great beginning. At least five daily servings are recommended.

Protein is also an important building block for a healthy body, and calcium is needed for the teeth and bones to remain strong. If this is difficult, vitamin and mineral supplements may help to bridge the gap, but whole foods are always better.

Keeping the Body Hydrated

Since the body is composed of large quantities of water, it needs liquid to function properly. Water keeps the kidneys functioning and the cells of the body full and healthy.

Scientists now say that most liquids can count toward a daily consumption quota, but good clean water energizes the body and helps it release toxins better than any other fluid for those keen on living a low-stress healthy life.

Incorporating Exercise into the Day

Low stress healthy living is almost impossible without exercise.

Exercise not only keeps the body at a healthy weight by burning calories, it also allows the mind to release stress.

If life really becomes stressful, one should not only practice some form of aerobic exercise and weight training but should also add a form of meditative exercise such as yoga.

Exercise can lower the cortisol levels in the body which are so damaging to the heart.

Developing a Social Support System

A social support system is also an important component in living a low-stress healthy life. Friends and relatives can give support and encouragement when stress becomes unbearable.

Talking is therapeutic and allows for a release of burdens. If friends and relatives are not close, a social network may be developed through civic or religious organizations.

Setting Aside Time for Rest

Finally, living a low-stress healthy life is impossible without getting enough rest.

When nightly sleep is impossible, incorporate cat naps throughout the day. The body rebels with illness when it is forced to work long periods without enough rest.

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