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Is a Yoga Diet Right for You?

While yoga postures and stretches are always beneficial to the body, they can have an enhanced effect when practiced in conjunction with a YOGA DIET, or Anna Yoga.

Through establishing a disciplined pattern of eating healthy, nutritious foods, yoga practitioners have found a balanced lifestyle which provides mental, emotional, and physical stability.

Choosing Right Foods

When choosing the proper foods to fuel the body and sustain the immune system, those desiring to follow a yoga diet should use these keys to make the right decisions:

  • Abstain from white flour in all of its forms.
  • Do not use white sugar or foods containing it.
  • Start each meal with raw fruits or vegetables.
  • Eliminate all forms of caffeine, including cocoa, tea, and coffee.
  • Decrease all meat until it is eventually eliminated from the diet.
  • Practice portion control to prevent overeating.

Benefits of Yoga Diets

A yoga diet can increase energy and decrease bloating. It also brings many of the following changes to the body:

  1. Elimination of foul odors
  2. Increased blood circulation
  3. Balanced blood sugar levels
  4. Efficient metabolic activity
  5. Easier wound repair
  6. Increased growth of red blood cells
  7. Restoration of the Ph levels in the body
  8. Support for the thyroid gland
  9. Decreased inflammation of the joints

Although most yogi practice a true vegetarian diet, it is easy to incorporate enough protein through legumes, nuts, and milk products.

By practicing moderation as a discipline, those eating only a yoga diet eliminate the tendency to become obese. Just a few extra pounds of fat can push the large and small intestines out of position and distend the stomach. This makes any type of exercise more difficult, and is stressful on the joints of the body.

Many common diseases seem to respond positively to a yoga diet. These include the following:

While foods may not cure some of these conditions, a yoga diet may substantially reduce some of the symptoms which accompany them. This can lead to greater longevity and less pain and suffering.

If you are interested in experimenting with a yoga diet, the information on the following pages may be helpful. Use these ideas to implement slow changes in your diet to see how your body responds. A yoga diet should give you more energy, greater flexibility, and better health.

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