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Kerala Ayurveda – Ayurvedic Destination of the World

Kerala, India, is located on the Malabar Coast in south-western India. Beautiful, tropical, and lushly green, National Geographic Traveler magazine called Kerala one of the “50 places of a lifetime”.

Although the beaches in Kerala have become famous and widely popular with western tourists, there’s something else that draws visitors to Kerala: Ayurveda.

Ancient Medicine Meets Medical Tourism

Ayurvedic medicine has been in Kerala for thousands of years, and both Ayurveda and Siddha yoga are very popular there. Thanks to the high cost of health care in many western nations, Kerala is making a name for itself as a medical tourism destination.

With the government planning on introducing a rating system to Kerala’s hospitals and clinics, tourists visiting Kerala in the future will find it even easier to find qualified Ayurvedic practitioners.

Consider Whole Body Rejuvenation with Personalized Treatments

If you’re thinking of visiting Kerala and enjoying the experienced Ayurvedic practitioners while you are there, consider a body rejuvenation treatment. Some companies offer personalized Ayurveda treatments that will last for seven, fourteen, or even twenty-eight days. The length of treatment is determined by the patient’s condition and availability.

Between therapeutic massages, yoga, and food tailored to your dosha and symptoms, you can enjoy Kerala’s stunning beaches and historic sites of interest.

Go to Ayurvedic Resorts with Appealing Packages

In Kerala you’ll find entire resorts – and even islands – dedicated just to Ayurveda. On Poovar Island, for example, you’ll find the Poovar Island Resort Ayurveda Village. Programs offered at Poovar range from customized weight loss programs to longevity programs, with many other options besides.

Other package deals in Kerala offer very specific treatments for very specific disorders. For example, you might consider choosing a Uro Vasthy package, designed to treat chronic asthma and respiratory problems, or a Pizhichil package, which treats everything from arthritis and impotence to high blood pressure.

Go Where the Experts Live

In short, Kerala is home to some of the most experienced and well-trained practitioners of Ayurveda on the planet.

With ancient, time-tested techniques being handed down from generation to generation in Kerala, you’ll definitely return home in better spirits and better health than when you arrived. You’ll enjoy the relaxing massages with medicated Ayurvedic oils, the mind-clearing yoga techniques, and the delicious food that simultaneously supports your best health.

You can also bring along your family or your friends without worrying that they’ll run out of things to do or see in Kerala while you rejuvenate with your Ayurvedic treatment; Kerala has something for everyone.

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Ayurveda guide July 22, 2010 at 11:06 am

Nice article about Kerala. How would you choose a ayurveda resort? important criteria? thxx

Ashish Kothari July 23, 2010 at 5:46 pm

Thank you. We have tried to address the various criteria. Will be glad if you could contribute more.

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