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Natural Home Remedies for Aging & Wrinkles

Although aging is a process inevitable for all of us, some natural home remedies may help to slow its effect on the skin and body.

While wrinkles and other signs of aging can be the product of weight loss, lack of moisture, poor diet, heredity, sun exposure, environmental pollutants, or a combination of these factors, Nature has given us some wonderful tools to guard against them.

Avoiding Dark Pigmentation, the Natural Way

The following ideas are a good place to start to keep dark pigmentation from becoming problematic:

  • Combine basil leaves with water, and apply to the darkening areas of skin each night.
  • Mash a papaya, and rub this pulp on the darker patches of skin.
  • Mix equal parts of turmeric and ground sesame seeds and rub on the discolorations.
  • Combine one teaspoon of cream with several ground almonds; leave on the skin of the face and neck for fifteen minutes, and rinse.

Reduce Wrinkles with Herbal Products and Some Dietary Changes

Natural remedies can also prove useful in the prevention and reduction of wrinkling of the skin.

Aging brings about hormonal changes in both men and women, but these can be mitigated somewhat through the use of herbal products and dietary changes. The following ideas have worked for many people throughout the years:

  1. Eliminate these substances from the diet: chemicals, artificial flavors, dyes, and preservatives.
  2. Make a cooling face mask using grated cucumber; apply for ten minutes and rinse.
  3. Habitually apply the gel from an aloe plant to the face, especially after sun exposure.
  4. To enhance moisture, rub almond oil, ghee, or coconut oil into the skin each night.
  5. Take an anti-aging herb such as Shilajit for whole body rejuvenation.

Skin Care Routine to Prevent Early Wrinkling

If your skin does not respond to these treatments, you might consider adding one of the following to your skin care routine to prevent early wrinkling:

  • Start you day with a pinch of ginger mixed into a tablespoon of raw honey.
  • Mix pineapple juice with apple juice, and apply to the skin daily to soften and brighten.
  • Boil rosemary leaves in sixteen ounces of purified water; remove from heat and add four ounces of brandy. Use this on the face morning and night.
  • Mix the juice squeezed from sugarcane with a half teaspoonful of turmeric. Apply to wrinkled skin daily.

Some Common Sense Suggestions to Reduce Wrinkles

While all of these natural remedies may reduce the appearance of wrinkles, it is wise to follow other common sense suggestions.

It is important to drink plenty of water, and reduce sun exposure as much as possible. Eating a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables can also provide important antioxidants to keep the skin healthy.

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