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Natural Home Remedies for Liver Diseases

The liver is the organ which is responsible for detoxifying the body. When it performs normally, the whole body functions better. When the liver fails to remove impurities from the system, severe metabolic problems may develop.

Other symptoms of a liver functioning at less than optimum efficiency are a weak appetite, excessive flatulence, stomach pain, and diarrhea.

Careful food choices can often make it easier for the liver to do its job properly. The following rules should help prevent many liver diseases:

  • Eat slowly and peacefully with an attitude of thankfulness.
  • Eat at the same times each day, and avoid late night snacking.
  • Avoid fatty foods, salted nuts, dairy products, beef, and pork.
  • Moderate your use of most spices in recipes, but garlic is excellent for liver health.
  • Leave citrus fruits out of the diet.
  • Drink barley water or sugarcane juice every day.
  • Eat boiled sweet and bitter vegetables with a small bit of clarified butter for flavoring.
  • Limit salt in the diet.

Several spices are also beneficial in keeping the liver healthy. These include saffron, dill, cumin, cilantro, turmeric, fennel, cardamom, and coriander seeds. Add these to meals and recipes whenever possible.

Holistic Ayurvedic Treatments for Liver Diseases and Cleansing

Other ayurvedic treatments may aid the liver in filtering the blood and make it resistant to common disorders. The following treatments are a part of the ancient home remedies used by holistic healers:

  1. Take a teaspoon or two of ground henna each day to prevent enlargement of the liver.
  2. For better liver and spleen functioning, add cinnamon and cardamom to trailing eclipta juice, and take one teaspoonful twice a day.
  3. Crush several peppercorns with trailing eclipta juice and mix with curds for breakfast all week.
  4. Juice made from fresh artichokes is an excellent tonic for the liver.
  5. Astragalus, or huaung qi, forces the liver to release toxins naturally.
  6. Nettle root can be used to support detoxification and removal of waste products from the blood.
  7. Drink a mixture of equal parts beet juice, cucumber juice, and carrot juice each day.
  8. Deep breathing along with yoga exercises can help a sluggish liver to work more efficiently.
  9. Grind papaya seeds into a juice and mix with lime juice; take every day for thirty days to treat hardening of the liver.

If the body does not respond to these treatments, serious liver problems such as cancer or cirrhosis of the liver may exist. These problems require trained medical intervention.

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