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Natural Home Remedies for Stress, Hypertension and Anger

Recent research has pointed to stress, hypertension, and anger as major contributors to poor health, including heart attacks and strokes.

Although some doctors and drug companies are pushing synthetic drugs as a solution to these issues, it might be possible to control these using natural remedies.

Even traditional physicians admit that making lifestyle changes can result in less stress, lower blood pressure and more control of the emotions. They suggest losing weight, getting more exercise, and lowering salt intake as being particularly helpful.

While these are an excellent starting point, it could also be useful to choose some of the following natural methods of achieving the same goal.

Natural Remedies for Controlling Anxiety and Stress

  • Add raw garlic to food dishes to slow the pulse and reduce arterial spasming.
  • Add lemon juice to drinks to strengthen capillaries.
  • Combine honey with Indian gooseberry, and take a tablespoon each morning.
  • Add oatmeal and brown rice to the diet to lower cholesterol dispel toxins, and soothe nerves.
  • Drink eight ounces of carrot juice and eight of spinach juice every morning and evening.

All of these suggestions should help your body to regain control of stress, hypertension, and anger, which are often linked together.

Additional Tips for Stress Control

These ideas might also be valuable:

  1. Make potassium and calcium rich foods a high priority in the diet. These not only aid the vascular system, but they help the body eliminate salt. If you are unable to get enough of these naturally from fruits, vegetables and dairy foods, consider adding a daily supplement.
  2. Take a half teaspoonful of ground rauwolfia root three times a day to lower blood pressure.
  3. Watermelon seeds, either roasted or dried, should be eaten frequently to keep blood vessels dilated.
  4. Make a tea from a tablespoon of fresh parsley leaves steeped for several minutes in one cup of water; drink several times throughout the day to support the capillaries.
  5. A teaspoon of cayenne pepper can be added to four ounces of warm water and drink often.
  6. Combine two teaspoons of curd with Spiegel seeds and eat daily.
  7. Take Amla with warm milk every day to prevent high blood pressure.

These natural treatments all work better in combination with plenty of sleep and good time-management skills.

It is also wise to incorporate prayer, meditation, or deep breathing into each day. Science has shown that these do have an effect on stress levels and other symptoms often caused by stress.

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