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New Year’s Resolutions – Health and Fitness with Lots of Fun

In most cases, good health does not occur naturally. It involves a conscious decision to eat the right foods, to exercise in an appropriate manner, and to find appropriate ways to release the stress of everyday living. This is the reason that many people make a New Year Resolution to improve their fitness level during the coming year.

Holistic Treatments

The wonderful holistic treatments associated with ayurveda, a system of holistic health care that developed in India hundreds of centuries ago, is an excellent starting point for people who are serious about wanting to feel better physically and emotionally.

The prescribed natural remedies, as well as the yoga and meditative practices of this age old regimen, can enhance every aspect of an individual’s life. This is especially true if it is used in conjunction with activities which encourage excitement and laughter, such as those found on

Stress Busters

Danna Bananas offers games, toys, and novelty items that offer entertainment for all ages. These include games that stimulate the brain and eccentric plush animals, called Zibbies, that are only intended to bring a smile.

Families can also find unique ways to exercise at Danna Bananas. They might enjoy a brisk game of Spider Whack for some fast, bouncy fun or spend some pleasant hour in the water with the fast and furious Waboba Ball Extreme.

Awesome Items for Family Fun

Another idea for family fun which incorporates humor and creative expression is to use the Classic Sidewalk Chalk found at Danna Bananas to hold a cartoon contest. Even young members of the family will be giggling uncontrollably as they draw caricatures of other family members.
The perfect prizes to reward members for their efforts might be homemade popsicles made in the Zoo Pops animal-shaped molds. Once the silly pictures are completed, the family fun night might be concluded with an Old West style shoot out using the rubber band shooters available at Danna Bananas.

As a grand finale for the evening, you might even want to let each family member try his or her hand at the Basket Case Headband Hoop Game, which makes everyone look ridiculous.

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Laughter is beneficial to the body both mentally and physically, and nothing is more naturally healing. When work causes muscles to tighten and nerves to fray, take a few minutes to concentrate on deep breathing and do a few yoga stretches to ease tension as suggested by ayurvedic teachings.

Then, use the fanny bank obtained from Danna Bananas to release any remaining frustrations. Drop a coin into these rump-shaped plumber’s crack bank and hear this bank fart in digital audio.

Good health requires hard work, but the body also responds positively to plenty of play. Make sure that your New Year Resolution this year includes both by following an ayurveda lifestyle and perusing the products offered by Danna Bananas for some of the best stress relief products available.

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I couldnt have been happier with my experience and will definitely be buying from Danna Bananas again. -Kyle D. Ottawa CA… Truly appreciate your fabulous customer service with this Christmas wish.

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