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Yoga On-the-Go for Busy People

(The ray of light yoga poses – “Surya namaskara”)

Although yoga is usually enjoyed in a class with other pupils, the busy lifestyle of most people in today’s society rarely leaves time for this traditional way of practicing this ancient art. Rather than abandon the effort entirely, men and women are now searching for easy ways to enjoy yoga on-the-go.

Yoga on-the-go for busy people involves a bit of planning and preparation, but the results are well worth the effort expended.

Gather and Organize the Equipment

First, it is important to gather and organize the equipment needed for yoga on-the-go. A nifty, lightweight bag should be chosen and filled with the following items:

  • Light, durable yoga mat which can be rolled for travel
  • Stop watch or timer
  • Stretchy work-out clothing
  • Yoga DVD’s or yoga applications on one’s smart phone

As it becomes habitual to grab this yoga kit while rushing out the door for work or travel, then people will find that yoga can actually make a difference in their mental and physical well-being. Sincere commitment to a yoga program means that very few other activities take priority over a yoga session.

Try These Simple Poses

The picture of tree pose

The tree pose

If a taped yoga session is not available, many yoga poses are so simple that they can be done without any props or directions. Some of the following can be done in almost any location by even novice yoga practitioners:

  1. The Downward Dog
  2. The Ray of Light
  3. The Tree
  4. The Half Moon
  5. The Camel
  6. The Bow

While one may want to close the office door or use another method of ensuring privacy during the session, yoga on-the-go can be done in small increments to relax the spine, strengthen back and abdominal muscles, and decrease stress. Though all postures are not appropriate for yoga on-the-go, just a few can produce a great work-out.

Practice Deep Breathing and Meditation at Any Location

The most important aspect of yoga for busy people is the deep breathing and meditation involved. These can be practiced at any location, including in the airport or on a plane, while waiting in line at the mall, or in the middle of a sporting event. Meditation can clear the mind and calm a racing heartbeat. It brings focus and emotional stability to those who are dedicated to repeated practice.

Types of Yoga. Pick Yours!

All types of yoga have asanas, or postures, which can be done by people on-the-go. These include the following:

Depending on personal preference, practicing any of these types of yoga on-the-go can lead to wonderful flexibility, greater energy, and better sleep.

The bow pose in yoga - picture

The bow pose

The downward dog pose in yoga

The downward dog yoga pose

The half moon yoga pose - photo

The half moon yoga pose

The Camel pose in yoga

The camel pose in yoga

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