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A Practical Health Care Family Guide That Helps You Handle Those Everyday Health Problems and Beauty, Personal Care Issues – On Your Own, At Your Home – Naturally!”


Full of useful tips and remedies…  All the remedies in the book are handily organised according to ailments and imbalances they help cure, from acidity to weight loss. It provides natural remedy recipes, lifestyle and daily routine tips to get rid of a particular imbalance.” – Huffington Post, December 14, 2011


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Be Healthy. Look Beautiful. Feel Confident.


Are you spending too much money treating chronic health problems that never seem to get any better? Do ordinary physicians seem unable to help you? 

Maybe you’ve been looking in the wrong place for help!

A healthy body and mind shouldn’t be expensive or complicated. You might have already spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars treating things like:

  • Allergies

healthy green food

  • Diabetes
  • Depression
  • Skin problems
  • Weight loss

But has your doctor ever bothered to tell you that there are simpler, cheaper solutions to your health and beauty problems that don’t involve hours in his waiting room, expensive and dangerous drugs, and difficult diets?


Of course he hasn’t! Has it ever occurred to you that your doctor and the drug companies he works with depend upon you being sick in order to earn a living? No self-respecting doctor would ever admit to it, even to himself, but your doctor’s financial success depends upon your ill-health.


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Why Modern Medicine Doesn’t Want You to Read About Natural Home Remedies

Modern medicine eschews alternative medicine and natural home remedies. After years of expensive schooling and a hyper-reliance on high-tech, expensive health solutions, maybe it’s just too painful for the average physician to admit that certain home remedies and herbal medicines that have been around literally for millennia are actually more effective than the complex, often invasive, procedures offered by Modern medicine.

The good news is that you don’t have to be an expert in alternative medicine or have a lot of money to spend on herbal remedies to benefit from natural home remedies. All the information you need to enjoy good health the natural way is already contained within our ebook, Natural Home Remedies and Beauty Care Tips.


Life is a Gift of NatureEmbrace natural remedies to fight common diseases, handle everyday beauty care issues, or simply take care of your body!


How Natural Home Remedies and Beauty Care Tips Can Help

Natural Home Remedies and Beauty Care Tips is a PRACTICAL HEALTH CARE GUIDE that anyone can read and anyone can use.

Based on the solid foundation of Ayurvedic medicine, an ancient Indian form of health care using “alternative” remedies that have found success since 1,500 BC, Natural Home Remedies and Beauty Care Tips offers solutions to common ailments and beauty issues from A to Z.

You don’t have to know anything about Ayurveda to get started, and you won’t need to buy expensive pills or herbal remedies for your health and beauty care unless you want to. In the pages of Natural Home Remedies and Beauty Care Tips, you’ll find:

  • healthy and happy... loves life and natureTime-tested home remedies. Remember, Ayurveda has been around since 1,500 BC! These remedies have thousands of years of research behind them.
  • Alternative medicine for common problems. From the common cold to sexual dysfunction, our ebook offers over 100 practical, simple health care solutions and beauty care tips.
  • A chance to leave modern medicine behind. Modern medicine can certainly be beneficial, but its reductionistic philosophy fails to take the whole person into account. With the home remedies contained within the pages of Natural Home Remedies and Beauty Care Tips, you’ll be able to cut down on trips to the doctor’s office and expensive prescription drugs, while enjoying unprecedented good health.
  • Fewer side effects. Another problem with Modern medicine is that every solution seems to create five more health problems! The home remedies in this ebook are based on common sense diet and exercise, along with time-tested herbal remedies. There are very few – if any – negative side effects.
  • More money. With fewer doctor’s trips and fewer prescription drugs, you’ll have more money in your wallet thanks to your one-time investment in this ebook. Buy Now!


List Price: $8.95 | Sale Price: $4.95
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“This eBook provides highly practical and to-the-point natural home remedies in a fast and easy to read format. Will highly recommend it to everyone who wants to enjoy a natural healthy life.” - Dr. Jagat Kanwar, Associate Professor of Immunology & Cell Biology, Institute of Technology Research and Innovation, Deakin University, Australia


Divided into Two Easy-to-Read Parts

Natural Home Remedies and Beauty Care Tips is divided into two easy-to-read parts.

Contents of the eBook

(Covers Over 100 Natural Home Remedies and Beauty Care Tips)

PART ONE includes home remedies organized by a wide range of ailments. Some of the common problems addressed in the ebook include:

ayurvedic herbal oils for massageAcidity and Heartburns; Acne, Pimples, and Skin Problems; Aging and Wrinkles; Alcoholism, Smoking, and Drug Addiction; Allergies; Alzheimers and Memory Problems; Anemia; Anxiety and Panic Disorders; Arthritis, Joint, and Back Pains; Asthma; Athlete’s Foot; Baby and Child Care; Beauty Tips; Beauty, Skin Care, and Facial Glow; Bites and Stings; Blemishes and Black Heads; Body Odor and Body Care; Breast Care; Bronchitis; Burns and Bruises; Cancers and Tumors; Celiac Disease; Cellulitis, Boils, and Ringworms; Cold, Cough and Sore Throat; Conjunctivitis and Eye Problems; Constipation; Dandruff and Head Lice; Dental Health and Bad Breath; Depression and Sadness; Diabetes and Sugar; Diarrhea; Digestive Disorders and Food Poisoning; Dryness, Chapped Lips, and Stretch Marks; Eczema Treatment and Cure; Eye Care and Dark Circles; Female Menopause; Flu; Gastritis and Bowel Syndrome; Gout; Hair Care; Hair Loss; Hair Removal; Hand and Foot Care; Headaches and Migraines; Hearing Loss; Heart Diseases and Care; Hemorrhoids; High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol; Influenza and Pneumonia; Jaundice; Kidney and Renal Stones; Leg Pain; Liver Problems; Malaria; Measles and Rubella; Men’s Skin Care; Moles, Warts, and Skin Tags; Muscle Sprain; Nail Care and Dark Armpits; Nose Bleeding and Ear Care; Osteoporosis; Parkinson’s Disease; Poliomyelitis – Polio; Pregnancy; Prostate Disease; Pulmonary Disease; Sexual Problems  Men’s; Sexual Problems – Women’s; Sexually Transmitted Diseases – STD; Sleep Disorders; Stress, Hypertension, and Anger; Strokes; Sun Burn and Sun Care; Thyroid Diseases; Toothache Pain; Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases; Weight Loss and Obesity

PART TWO includes lifestyle suggestions for achieving your best health. A glance at the short chapters in this section of the book include:

  • 10 Healthy Eating Habits
  • 5 Simple Steps to Maintaining Healthy Habits
  • Better Sex through Yoga
  • Chyavanprash – An Immune Boosting Energy Health Supplement
  • Easy Meditation Techniques for Everyone
  • Fasting – Relevance and Importance of Fasting
  • How to Start Living a Stress-Free Healthy Life
  • Health Benefits of Natural Herbal Teas
  • Yoga for Seniors
  • Yoga On-the-Go for Busy People

Sample Natural Home Remedies…

  • For Acne and Pimples: Make a paste of turmeric and cinnamon with a drop or two of water, and gently rub your face daily.
  • For Asthma: Ginger is beneficial in breaking up phlegm and opening the bronchial tubes. Include a pinch in all drinks or in foods.
  • Natural Masque and Mixtures: It is possible to make a powerful masque by mixing turmeric powder, milk, and sandalwood powder. Leave this mixture on the face for several minutes and remove with water to give the skin vibrancy.

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Thanks to modern technology, you can carry our entire, comprehensive natural home remedies and natural care guide with you wherever you go. You can:

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Furthermore, this isn’t just any ordinary, run-of-the-mill ebook. We think you’ll agree that the vivid color pictures, design, and layout are top-notch and make the book easy to read and use.

The ebook format makes it far easier to read than an ordinary book. With one click in the table of contents, you’ll leap ahead to the page you wanted to read. To go back to the table of contents, all you have to do is click the “TOC” button in the top of the screen.


Don’t Wait for Good Health and Beauty to Come to You

BE PROACTIVE – don’t just wait for good health and beauty to come to you.

For only $4.95, you can carry our ebook with you wherever you go. Whether you use it for a certain health problem or just want to learn natural solutions for beauty and personal care, your one-time investment will bring a lifetime of positive results.


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What if you download the book and you decide you’re not 100% satisfied? No problem! We’re so confident that you’re going to love Natural Home Remedies and Beauty Care Tips that we will give you 100% of your money back within 30 days if you’re not 100% satisfied.

For you kaphas out there who still haven’t made up your mind, no worries. Why don’t you download a free sample with six chapters first? We’re positive that after you browse through the first few chapters, you’ll want to read the rest!

Don’t waste one more moment paying too much money for Modern medicine solutions that don’t always work anyway – start improving your health right now the natural way with these time-tested home remedies. Invest in your health and that of your family. Buy Now!


List Price: $8.95 | Sale Price: $4.95
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“A great reference book. It saves on unnecessary medicines.” – Doreen Schwartz, Washington, USA

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